Heavy-Duty Crimping Machine in Rockford

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A crimping machine is a device for conjoining two pieces of metal fitting with sections of rigid, flexible hose and tubing by deforming one or both of them to hold each other and stick together, as seen when fixing a connector to the end of a cable. A hose crimper is used to assemble hydraulic hoses and is assembled by a hose crimper which makes it easier for individuals to crimp their own fittings.

A hydraulic crimping hose machine is mainly used to fabricate hose assembly, and to connect to the end of a hose of many sizes. Two pieces of the hose are joined by crimping either one or both parts so that they hold on to each other. Hydraulic hose crimping machine in Rockford are used for more demanding applications such as industrial hose crimping, metal forming, shop floor production runs, and machine shop maintenance. At the outer diameter of the metal or material that needs to be joined with the hose, a hydraulic hose crimping machine uses a force of 360 degrees.


Crimping machine control

A standard parameter for all crimping operations is a final fitting diameter. The crimping machine in Rockford when the pre-set crimp diameter is achieved (simple manual crimpers have indicators to signal that the desired diameter is achieved – then the crimping operation must stop). The electrically driven crimping machines can be optionally equipped with a pressure control system (the crimping machine stops when the pre-set system pressure is reached).


Mechanism Of Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic hoses are found in different lengths depending on the area they are being positioned on the hydraulic component and they can work on all sorts of systems. Using hydraulic hoses on-site for repairs and constructions or in-person workshops allows one to crimp his or her own fitting and it also saves time of going to find the nearest place to get it done. Before carrying out an operation on a crimping machine, it is advisable to be well equipped with first-hand knowledge and adherence to safety measures using the necessary PPE’s such as protective gloves, goggles, and ear protectors.


 Extend the Life of Your Crimping Machine

 If you own a crimping machine in Rockford for hydraulic hoses, then you understand how costly and time-consuming it can be when your hose crimping components aren’t properly lubricated. Failure to properly lubricate components of crimping machines for hydraulic hoses can result in expensive repairs and costly downtime.

Well, now you can extend the life of these components with Brennan’s new High-Pressure Crimp Oil. This crimp oil properly lubricates hose crimping components and reduces friction and wear. Brennan Crimp Oil won’t attract and hold dirt, which can be especially damaging to dies and crimping components. Instead, it is very lightweight and goes on clean.








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