Kebby Green Initiatives

Kebby Industries, Inc. “Go Green” Environmental Policy has produced better than expected results.

Four years ago Kebby Industries, Inc. implemented a policy, that we would begin to investigate possible alternative eco-friendly materials to replace any materials or procedures that were at the time not eco-friendly, wherever possible in order to provide our customers with environmentally friendly solutions.

The following are some improvements that we have made and also in some cases, the results we have achieved to reduce, in some instances by 75% of our carbon footprint.

  • Switched to biodegradable loose fill packing peanuts.
  • All cardboard boxes we use are made from 100% recycled material.
  • All packaging materials we receive are, re-used, or recycled.
  • Our manufacturing center recycles 100% of all leftover metal chips from our machining processes when manufacturing our crimper and de-crimper parts.
  • We also changed from using a water-based coolant to cutting oil for use in our machines. We found that the water-based coolant produces more waste than simple cutting oil, which can be easily separated and replaced in the machines. In the previous year, we sent nearly 250 gallons of coolant that had to be processed and cleaned by an outside facility. Since the change, we have not generated any oil waste.

In the coming years, Kebby Industries will continue to move toward a greener business and manufacturing procedures, including moving away from our current paper system and progressing to a paperless or near the paperless system. We will be launching several new crimping and de-crimping products including a new handheld manual model as well as several other units, and accessories for current units we have. The changes we are implementing for these new models, not only reduce the carbon footprint, being more environmentally friendly, but at the same time providing an improved product.