Power Crimpers

The Kebby Power Crimper- Un-Matched Versatility…Un-Matched Power! The Kebby Power Crimp is a pneumatically operated, semi-automatic, Vial Crimping system designed to make vial crimping and decapping operations more productive with minimal strain on the operator. Crimping and decapping operations are completed quickly, and precisely with minimal operator effort. The Power Crimp System is designed as an all-in-one system. It uses interchangeable vial crimping and decapping heads available for use with about 100 different seal sizes and styles and the heads can be easily removed and replaced without the use of tools since they simply screw in and out of the machine. The unit can be used in the stand with the foot-pedal, leaving both hands free, or removed from the stand in a matter of seconds for use around the lab as a hand tool. Different accessories can be added as needed. When using the power crimper with the stand and foot-pedal accessories; a new operator can easily crimp up to 1,000 vials per hour, and an experienced operator can easily crimp up to 1,500 or more an hour. Fast, powerful, and easy to use, the Kebby Power crimper easily pays for itself over and over by saving time, and money. CRIMPING AND DECRIMPING HEADS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.



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