Hand Crimpers

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Kebby Hand crimpers are designed and manufactured using quality materials, and finishing techniques to provide a consistent and dependable seal while maintaining their durability, and long life. The standard hand crimpers are provided with an adjustable stop, allowing the operator to repeatedly achieve a quality crimped seal. All parts that contact the crimp seal are stainless steel or plated. The crimper jaws are hardened and polished to provide smooth, consistent operation.

Kebby Laboratory Grade Hand Crimpers are available with or without cushioned grips which will withstand repeated exposure to cleaning and sterilizing solutions, as well as exposure to some autoclave processes. For convenience, Grips can be removed if necessary. Manufactured using a combination of stainless steel, and hard plated, steel components where both corrosion resistance and increased wear and lubricity are required for optimum function. Our Laboratory Grade Hand Crimpers also have a multi-step, micro surface finish and polishing process for components that require additional wear and lubricity characteristics, such as the crimper jaws. The enhanced surface finish provides smoother operation and allows the “flow” of the material during the crimping process to be more fluid, providing a consistently tight and uniformly crimped seal. ROHS compliant.

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