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Kebby Industries BenchMark series crimpers are designed for bench-top use and provide precise and highly repeatable quality crimps on a host of many seal styles and vial sizes. The BenchMark utilizes Kebby Industries tried and proven crimper heads for positive crimping force and even sealing around the vial opening. Unlike most bench top crimpers, the Benchmark is designed to apply a predictable downward force on the vial seal during the crimping process. This force ensures the components are properly seated and square with the vial opening during the entire crimping cycle.

The BenchMark was designed with fast change-overs and repeatability in mind. Separate head height and crimp pressure adjustments are used during the 2-step setup process to properly position the vial on the support platform. These positions/adjustments can be recorded to address QC process concerns; and/or when repeating orders are seen.

Kebby Industries Crimper Heads are used as the crimping mechanism and come in a variety of sizes and types. One Crimp Head per vial size/type is typically required. A corresponding bottle holder/support platform is also required to properly address vial size and its position relative to the crimping device. Both Crimp Heads and Bottle Holders are easily set in place by hand without special tools or time consuming setups.

Like all Kebby products, the BenchMark is manufactured and assembled in the USA with quality sourced components. Vial contact material is manufactured from precision machined stainless and carbon based steels, hardened, polished, and EN plated to minimize wear and actuation effort. The unit requires minimal maintenance; disassembly from a PM aspect is never required.

Manufactured with Pride in the USA. Contact Kebby Industries for additional information on this product.

BenchMark Part# BC2A-00087
BenchMark II Crimper (does not include crimp head and vial holder)

BenchMark Vial Guide
Vial guide, special, made to order specific to vials provided by the customer. The customer will be contacted after the completed sale of the Benchmark to provide Kebby with samples.

Approximate cost = $144.20 - $327.00, depending on size of vial

BenchMark Operation Manual


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Weight 30 lbs

9", 5"