The Differences Between Vial Crimper and Decapper, How They Work to Benefit You

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Blog, Vial Crimper and Decapper

The difference between vial crimper and decapper can seem like splitting hairs. They both do the same thing, right? Wrong! There are many advantages to using one over the other depending on your needs. One of the most important things to remember is that Kebby Industries offers different types of vial crimpers and vial decappers for customers with specific purposes in mind. Whether you need a single-use disposable model or a reusable model, we have just what you’re looking for!


Benefits of Vial Crimpers

Vial crimpers are helpful for vials that have a rubber stopper while vial decappers work best for the type of cap with a metal ring. Vial crimping machines usually cost more than $100, whereas these can be purchased at any price point depending on your preference.

A vial crimper is a tool that can be used to seal and close vials. It works by pressing the top of the lid into the band, which then forms an airtight seal around it. There are different types of this method for sealing depending on what type you’re using: elastomeric rubber stoppers or aluminum tops with polyseal liners.

The pros of using these devices include time-saving benefits because they can quickly reseal vials after each use without having to worry about contamination from needles or syringes getting in there before being able to reuse them again since they have been sealed shut automatically from both ends through pressure applied when closed properly.

Vial crimpers come in different types and styles depending on what kind of job it needs to do, but generally speaking, there are two main kinds: Hand Crimpers and Bench Top Crimpers. A handheld model uses simple leverage while benchtop models use screws to provide more pressure when compressing rubber seals into place around glass ampoules or similar containers.


Vial Decappers

A vial decapper is a device that has the purpose of removing caps from vials in order to access their contents. They are usually lightweight and hand-operated so they can be used by people who do not have full physical capabilities for many reasons, whether it’s due to age or disability.

Vial Decappers come in different types depending on what specific vials you need them for; however, most vial decappers operate using the same principle. A small cutting wheel sits inside the center of an adjustable opening which allows users to adjust how large or small their vials fit into when opened up with this tool. Users place the top (and sometimes bottom) edge of each vial within these openings before squeezing down.

Kebby Industries’ vial crimper and decappers are made from medical-grade steel making them extremely durable for long-lasting use. If maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, they should last a lifetime without anything breaking or wearing out over time under normal conditions of usage.








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