Vial Crimper And Decapper: What You Need To Know

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Blog, Vial Crimper and Decapper

Vial crimper and Decapper are vials that people use in a laboratory setting. They are designed to be used with vials for blood or other types of samples, and there is usually a special type of needle on the crimper tool to draw out liquid from vials. Vial crimper has two different parts: The top part has an opening that can stretch open so it is wide enough to fit over the vial, and then close tightly around it; the bottom part has a plunger that presses against the top piece when you push down on it. This forces air out of the vial while pressing down on it, creating an even seal between your vial’s rubber stopper and glass neck (thus preventing any liquid from coming out).


How Does A Vial Crimper and Decapper Work?

The vial stopper is then inserted into the hole at the top of the vial, which will break it to release any air that has built up. The plunger part of the vial crimping tool should be pushed down until you feel a firm pressure on your vials in order to get an even seal around them, while also pushing any excess fluid inside back towards its original spot. It’s important not to over press these valves because if they are too compressed or have a lot of force put on them without enough space for all this fluid, it can cause leakage due to cracks in their rubber caps. Another way people use vial crimper is for vials that have been decapped. This is done in order to expose the vial’s opening so that it can be removed from its container. The vial crimper should then be used as a vise grip, turning until you see the rubber cap come off of your vial and fall inside.

The next thing you need to do after removing the rubber cap of your vial is removed any glass shards that may still remain on top of or within your vials. It’s important not to get these pieces into either yourself or those who will consume this medication because they could lead to contamination with bacteria if one was cut by them when handling their medications incorrectly.


Why should you use Vial Crimper and Decapper?

Vial crimper and decapper play a vital role in the vial sealing process. The vial is first removed from its container by using the vise grip provided on vials to twist it so that it can be removed from its container. The vial crimper should then be used as a vise grip, turning until you see the rubber cap come off of your vial and fall inside. This will ensure that no air enters or exits while transporting this medication since a punctured seal could pose health risks to those who take them if they were not properly secured during transport or storage. When finished with both steps of removing the rubber cap and securing any glass shards left within, make sure your entire product is covered before reinserting it into its vial or container.









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